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Forge Heavy-Duty Toaster/Griller

The FORGE HEAVY-DUTY TOASTER/GRILLER is perfect for busy kitchens in the hospitality industry. With a large, 8mm thick steel cooking and toasting plate, this unit has excellent heat distribution and retention. Its neutrally balanced top plate keeps food in place, and the independently controlled bottom plate offers grilling options. Additionally, the unit is designed for maximum durability with mechanically tested handle operations and a full-width removable fat/crumb tray. Keep your energy bill low by using the unit’s energy-saving feature by keeping the top plate closed when not in use.


553 x 347 x 555mm; Cooking Surface: 530 x 290mm; Weight: 39kg; Power/Voltage: 3.4kW/230V – 50Hz – 1 Phase.

Upgrade your kitchen with FORGE HEAVY-DUTY TOASTER/GRILLER today.

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Looking for a heavy-duty toaster/griller that can handle the demanding environment of busy kitchens in the hospitality industry? Look no further than the FORGE Heavy-Duty Toaster/Griller!

Who Is This Product For?

This commercial-grade unit is designed to operate in rigorous and demanding environments, perfect for busy hotels, cafes, and restaurants. The mechanically tested handle ensures smooth operation even after 100,000 cycles. The FORGE Heavy-Duty Toaster/Griller has an operating temperature range of 50°C to 250°C, meaning you can go from toasting bread to grilling meat in no time.

Features You’ll Love

One of the most attractive features of this unit is the large, heavy-duty 8mm thick steel cooking and toasting plate. This plate ensures effective heat distribution and retention, so your food will always come out perfectly. The neutrally balanced top plate has a positive latching mechanism, which makes it easy to use.

Additionally, the full-width removable fat/crumb tray makes cleaning up after cooking a breeze. But that’s not all – the independent bottom plate heat control allows for grilling options. You won’t have to sacrifice your unique taste and preferences when using this toaster/griller. To conserve energy, this toaster/griller lets you keep the unit on with the top plate closed when not in use – a small but significant feature that can help save you money and reduce your carbon footprint. This unit’s specifications are also impressive – the dimensions are 553 x 347 x 555mm, and the cooking surface is 530 x 290mm. The weight is 39kg, and the power/voltage is 3.4kW, with 230V, 50Hz, and one phase.


The FORGE Heavy-Duty Toaster/Griller is the perfect kitchen appliance for those in the hospitality industry looking for a versatile, easy-to-use, and long-lasting solution. Opting for this unit means you can be confident that all your toasting and grilling needs will be met with a durable, energy-saving kitchen appliance. Order yours today and see the wonders it can bring into your kitchen!


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