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Make Perfect Panini with the Anvil 9-slice Toaster.

Whether you’re a food truck owner or cooking outdoors with limited electricity, the Anvil 9-slice Toaster is the perfect solution for your panini sandwich needs. Its adjustable top plate accommodates a variety of food thicknesses, while its ribbed design creates a perfectly grilled effect. This innovative toaster is stylish and functional with a drip cup to catch excess grease and a heat-resistant handle. Available in LPG and NGAS, it weighs 18kg and has a cooking surface of 330x355MM.

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Who is this product for?

The Anvil 9 Slice Toaster is specifically designed for outdoor catering, making it an ideal choice for food truck owners or anyone cooking in settings with limited access to electricity. Whether grilling delicious panini sandwiches at a bustling food truck festival or cooking in a remote outdoor location, this toaster is your go-to appliance for creating perfect panini sandwiches.

What makes this product stand out from the rest?

Its innovative design and versatility set the Anvil 9 Slice Toaster apart. The adjustable top plate accommodates various food thicknesses, ensuring consistency and even grilling. The ribbed design of the plates creates a beautifully grilled effect on your panini sandwiches, enhancing their visual appeal and taste. Additionally, the toaster is available in both LPG and NGAS options, providing flexibility in fuel sources for outdoor cooking setups.

How will this product help you?

The Anvil 9 Slice Toaster is a game-changer for outside catering, offering numerous benefits to food truck owners and outdoor cooks. Its portability and compatibility with gas fuel sources make it a reliable and convenient choice for on-the-go cooking. The drip cup feature effectively collects excess grease, making maintaining a clean cooking environment easier. The heat-resistant handle ensures safe and comfortable operation, even in high-temperature settings. With its 330x355mm cooking surface and the capacity to handle 9 slices, this toaster allows for efficient production, helping you serve more customers in less time.


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