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BREMA Ice Maker: Commercial Ice Production Redefined

Dive into a world of unmatched ice excellence with the ICE MAKER BREMA – 130KG / 24HRS. Catering to the demands of bustling commercial environments, this top-tier ice maker delivers a whopping 130kg of pristine ice within a day. It’s not just about quantity; it’s about quality. With its state-of-the-art technology, BREMA ensures each ice cube radiates clarity, adding an exquisite touch to every beverage it graces. An embodiment of sophistication and efficiency, this ice maker operates seamlessly, taking the guesswork out of ice production. Whether for a high-end restaurant, an upscale bar, or a grand event, the BREMA Ice Maker elevates the art of serving beverages.

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ICE MAKER BREMA: The Premier Choice in Commercial Ice Production

Meet the ICE MAKER BREMA, designed to deliver unmatched performance and efficiency. With its stellar production rate of 130kg per 24hrs, this ice maker promises to cater to the bustling needs of any establishment, ensuring that every drink served is perfectly chilled.

Who is this product for?

  • Business Owners desiring a consistent ice supply
  • Restaurant Managers prioritizing excellence in beverage service
  • Event Coordinators aiming to impress with top-notch drink offerings

What Makes this Product Stand Out From the Rest?

  • Efficient Water and Energy Use: Environmentally friendly and cost-effective.
  • Compact Yet Stylish Design: Space-saving with a sleek stainless steel finish.
  • High-Quality Ice Production: Produces crystal-clear, slow-melting ice for superior beverages.

How Will this Product Benefit You?

  • Reliable Ice Supply: Offers a whopping 130kg of ice every 24hrs.
  • Space and Energy Conservation: Optimally designed for efficiency and convenience.
  • Elevated Customer Experience: Premium ice enhances beverage taste and presentation.


  • Water and Energy Efficient
  • Space-Saving Compact Design
  • Robust Stainless Steel Finish
  • Produces Crystal-Clear, Slow-Melting Ice Cubes
  • Designed for Heavy-Duty Commercial Use


  • Production Capacity: 130kg per 24hrs
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Water and Energy Efficiency Rating: High
  • Ice Type: Crystal-clear, slow-melting cubes
  • Applications: Best suited for commercial environments like restaurants, hotels, and large events

Invest in the ICE MAKER BREMA and revolutionize the way you serve beverages. Guarantee customer delight with every chilled drink you offer.

Weight 113 kg
Dimensions 840 × 740 × 1075 cm


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