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Brema’s Ice Maker: A Symphony of Precision & Capacity

Unearth a new dimension in ice-making with the impeccable Brema Ice Maker. Tailored for the commercial sphere, this prodigious machine boasts a staggering 90kg production capacity within a mere 24hrs, standing unrivaled in its class. Not just an ice machine, it’s a promise — of uninterrupted supply, crystalline cubes, and unparalleled efficiency. Rooted in a lineage of excellence, its craftsmanship ensures every ice cube reflects pristine quality, while its unwavering reliability guarantees a ceaseless flow, be it a bustling business or a grand event. In the realm of icy concoctions, Brema’s Ice Maker doesn’t just perfect the drinks; it redefines them.

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Introducing the ICE MAKER BREMA – 90KG / 24HRS

Transform your commercial space with the ability to produce 90kg of high-quality ice every 24hrs using the ICE MAKER BREMA – 90KG / 24HRS. This state-of-the-art Brema ice maker, designed for restaurants, bars, events, and more, ensures crystal-clear ice every time with its advanced technology.

Who is this product for?

Perfect for restaurant and bar owners, event organizers, or any commercial setting requiring consistent, high-quality ice production.

What Makes this Product Stand Out From the Rest?

  • Advanced spray technology ensures crystal-clear and pure ice.
  • High-quality stainless steel frame for durability and aesthetics.
  • Built-in control panel for effortless temperature and water level adjustments.
  • Low water protection technology: Ice maker halts production when water levels are inadequate, ensuring no damage to the machine.

How Will this Product Benefit You?

Never worry about ice quality or quantity. With the ICE MAKER BREMA, expect consistency and efficiency. Its self-cleaning function simplifies maintenance, and the compact design ensures easy installation across various commercial settings. Enhance your business and service quality with a trusted name like Brema.


  • Ice Production: Up to 90kg in 24 hours
  • Material: High-quality stainless steel frame
  • Technology: Advanced spray technology
  • Control: Built-in control panel
  • Protection: Low water protection technology
  • Maintenance: Self-cleaning function
  • Size: Compact for versatile installation


  • Ability to produce up to 90kg of ice in just 24 hours
  • Sturdy stainless steel frame ensures longevity and a polished look
  • Advanced spray technology for crystal-clear, pure ice
  • Convenient built-in control panel for temperature and water level management
  • Protection against low water levels with automated halt in ice production
  • Effortless maintenance with a self-cleaning function
  • Compact size ensures easy installation across a variety of commercial settings

Order Your ICE MAKER BREMA Today

Invest in top-tier ice production for your commercial needs. Secure your ICE MAKER BREMA – 90KG / 24HRS now and experience the unmatched quality of ice at your convenience.


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